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Our Team

Dr. Cecilia KY Chan
Associate Professor
Associate Director of CETL

(852) 3917 8534

I am the Associate Director and an Associate Professor in the Centre of the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). I was originally born in Hong Kong but grew up in Ireland. In addition to my dual cultural background, I also have a dual discipline expertise in engineering and education; I have been playing an important role in enhancing engineering, business and science education. My combined expertise in these fields and multi-cultural experience enabled me to lead and conduct research on topics such as assessment, technology enhanced learning and the development and assessment of 21st century skills from east to west in the different disciplines.

I hold a PhD in Engineering from Trinity College, a postgraduate diploma and a MA in Higher Education. I have been an active participant in conducting engineering education, generic skills, as well as teaching and learning related workshops. To motivate participation, my workshops are always fun and highly interactive.

I believe in ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ attitude. I enjoy networking and organizing team building activities with my colleagues off work. At work, I am able to come up with lots of creative ideas and I love sharing them with my team members.

Life goals: Still searching

My proudest achievement so far: Lost 30 pounds of weight and becoming inspirational for others to follow!! ☺

Indulgences: My research; my workshops/seminars (I get a bit high presenting); discussion with my husband, my team and other smart people; investing in properties; romance

Inspirational quote: “Work Hard Play Hard and Stay Young!”

My favourite food: Food with love and meaning

Year Award
2020 Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award
2020 ​HEA Principal Fellowship
2016 36th Round Post-doctoral Fellow Scheme (Research Area: Generic Skills in Education)
2016 HKU Outstanding Young Researcher Award
2011 King’s/HKU Fellowship Awards
2006 DIT Engineering Staff Excellence Achievement Award for the contribution in Student Recruitment and Achievement
2005 DIT Engineering Staff Excellence Achievement Award for the contribution in Student Motivation and Retention
1998 SMART AWARD (Surface Mount and Related Technology Award) National Microelectronics Research Centre (NMRC) and SMART group
1996-2000 PhD Research Scholarship, Forbairt, Irish Enterprise Board
1996-1998 Postgraduate Scholarship Awards Trinity College Dublin
1996 Best Student of the Year Award, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMech E)
1996 Jeffcott Prize Award, Trinity College Dublin
1995 Stanford Smith Prize Award and Book Prize, Trinity College Dublin
1994 Book Prize, Trinity College Dublin


Mr. Alex Cheung
Project Associate

(852) 3917 8105

I am currently working as a Project Associate in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). I did my undergraduate studies in HKU and was graduated from the programme of Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences in 2018. After graduation, I had worked as a local secondary school teacher and later moved to Southeast Asia to work with a local NGO on English teaching, academic advising and community building. Coming back to Hong Kong, I pursued my postgraduate studies by finishing the programme of Master of Education in 2021. My research interest is on higher education development and specifically on internationalization of higher education in Southeast Asia. Hopefully when borders are open again, I can travel back to Southeast Asia and continue my journey of contributing to education development there.

Life goals: Making use of personal experiences and gifts to contribute to those who are in need; sharing love and care to others through real actions; encouraging young people around me who are following the footsteps of predecessors like us.

Proudest achievement so far: Survived a 15-hour long motorcycle road trip in one of the most exotic islands in Southeast Asia.

Indulgences: Sports (particularly NBA), music, movies and reading.

Inspirations: Not to be served, but to serve.

Favourite food: Oysters and lamb


Ms. Lavina Luk
Executive Assistant

(852) 3917 5272

I work as a Executive Assistant in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). My main responsibility at CETL is to provide administrative support for our research team members. I was born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Singapore. I spent a year at High School College in Canada before moving back to Hong Kong with my family. I majored in Fine Arts and minored in Korean Language for my bachelor degree at HKU. My indulgence in Korean pop culture and support from my Korean Language teacher have motivated me to pursue my master’s degree in Korean Language Education at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea.

Life goals: Live Simply, Dare to Dream, Be Grateful, Give Love and Laugh Lots

My proudest achievement so far: To have successfully completed my master’s degree in Korea

Indulgences: Fine Arts and Korean Pop Music

Inspirational quote: “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

My favourite food: Singapore Yong Tau Foo, Laksa, Hong Kong Fish Ball Noodles, Dim Sum, Korean Baked Chicken, Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup, Japanese Sushi and Udon Noodles


Ms. Jiahui Luo
PhD Student

(852) 3917 0114

I am currently a research assistant in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at the University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining HKU, I obtained my MPhil in Second Language Education from the University of Cambridge with a full Cambridge Scholarship. I received my B.A. with first class honours in English Language and Literature from Sun Yat-sen University in mainland China. As a less extroverted person, I have a tiny core of stillness inside which enjoys observing and reflecting on common things worthy of inquiry, including but not limited to personal experience of developing generic skills, entanglements between education, societal changes and linguistic practices.

My proudest achievement so far: Travelling to 18 countries in my exchange year/ Serving as a voluntary teacher in a poverty-stricken area in Guizhou, China / A fully-funded Cambridge experience

Indulgences: Korean Pop Music, Anime, Reading and Travelling

Life goals: To live seriously within and simply without. To stay genuine, caring, and be sensitive enough to appreciate beauty and have spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings

Indulgences: Exotic experiences; flowers; piano; beautiful writings; Chibi Maruko-chan; antique libraries

Inspirations: The great possibilities one could have in life to make a difference; quiet and sober moments alone

Ms. Hannah Wong
PhD Student

(852) 3917 6071

I am a Research Assistant in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning at The University of Hong Kong. Born in Hong Kong, I completed my secondary education here before pursuing further studies in the United Kingdom. I majored in English Literature with Creative Writing for my Bachelor’s degree at The University of Lancaster, then proceeded to a Master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at University College London. While studying in the UK, I volunteered at various organisations to tutor primary and secondary school students.

Life goals: To write a journal about my experiences abroad

My proudest achievement so far: Having seen the Northern Lights at Rovaniemi, Finland

Indulgences: Korean Pop Music, Anime, Reading and Travelling

Inspirational quote: Love yourself, love myself.

My favourite food: Bubble Tea, Egg Tart

Ms. Wenxin Zhou
PhD Student

(852) 3917 0113

I am currently a PhD student in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Born and grew up in Ningbo China, I majored in English for my first B.A. degree and then went to the UK to pursue my second B.A. degree in International Business. After graduation, I decided to work as an International Student Tutor in UK for one and a half years and obtained an MBA degree in the meantime. The story probably would have ended if I had chosen to go into business. However, I returned to China and started my career as a teacher in tertiary education.

Before joining the team, I had been working as a lecturer for more than 5 years in Hangzhou China, during which I won the “Excellent Teaching Award” twice (first prize in 2020 and third prize in 2018) and was nominated as “Students’ Favourite Teacher” in 2020. Being a practitioner in education also helped me find my passion in implementing different pedagogies to facilitate students in learning and coordinating with my colleagues to improve teaching practices. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to turn what I did for a living into possible topics in educational research.

My current research mainly revolves around the development of students’ generic skills/employability through technology-enhanced teaching and learning activities in higher education. I’m also interested in business and entrepreneurship education, especially for STEM students.

Life goals: Stay Healthy, Keep Learning, and Be “Wild”

My proudest achievement so far: There have been several moments when my students tell me that I have brought changes to their mindset.

Indulgences: Anime, Books, Hiking, Jogging and Meditation

Inspirations: “Hyper- and Pessimistic Activism” (Michel Foucault)

Ms. Katherine Lee
Senior Research Assistant

(852) 3917 6195

Perhaps the most accurate label for me is an “international local”: I was born here in Hong Kong, spent my childhood in Toronto, Canada, and came back to continue my studies and career. I obtained both my Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology and Counseling, with First Honors, and my Master of Journalism, with distinction, from the University of Hong Kong.

Life goals: To become a teacher in higher education, and to write a novel

Proudest achievement so far: Producing a documentary with a small team about ‘Bananas’ – third-culture kids who are Chinese but grew up in a Western country (myself included)

Indulgences: Manga/anime, videogames, bubble tea

Inspirations: I am driven by my two main goals in life, by my desire for more knowledge, and my mom!

Favourite book and why? The entirety of the Harry Potter series. I grew up reading the books and became completely invested in the wizarding world and its characters – the story taught me a few lessons on being a person and I love that the fan community is still vibrant and thriving, even years after the main series ended. (#RavenclawPride!)

Current Research
I have always been curious about how people experience learning, and how different these experiences can be among individuals and across situations. Having worked with the TLERG team for a year, I am now pursuing my PhD in Education under the supervision of Dr. Chan. My research is concerned with the learning experiences of university students, and will explore the relationship between deep immersion, focus and enjoyment – the state of ‘flow’ – and the development of generic skills. Drawing on Chan’s Holistic Competency Development model, the study will use a mixed-methods research approach and aims to contribute to the literature on generic skills development and curriculum design.

Dr. Lillian Luk
Honorary Member


I am a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. I was originally born in Hong Kong, but grew up in Singapore. I moved back to Hong Kong with my family after completing my undergraduate studies in psychology at the National University of Singapore. Being a language enthusiast back then, I went on to do a Masters in Japanese linguistics at Monash University in Melbourne and also completed a half-year Korean language programme at Sogang University in Seoul.

After deciding to pursue a career in educational research, I have been working as a researcher since 2010, during which I has been involved in a wide range of research projects and have also completed a PhD in Education at The University of Hong Kong. My research interests lie in the area of experiential learning (especially on internship), engineering education, student motivation, generic skills development and assessment.

I enjoy travelling, and I am a dog lover.

Life goal: To have lots of fun and enjoy life, while making a little contribution to the society through my work.

My proudest achievement so far: To be one of the speakers at The 7th International Workshop on Innovative Engineering Education (IEE 2016) held in Jeju, South Korea.

Indulgences: Travelling, Movies & Television Dramas, Korean Pop Music & Concerts, Japanese Character Goods


Favourite food: Nasi Lemak & Laksa, Sushi, Spicy Soft Tofu Stew (sundubu-jjigae), because they makes me feel nostalgic, bringing back good memories of my stay in different countries.

Current Research
My PhD research project is on student learning through internship experience. Through the use of a mixed methods research design, my study aims to explore what do engineering students learn from their internship experience and how are their perceived learning outcomes influenced by the internship programme design, the host company/organization characteristics, work supervision and assessment. It is hoped that findings from the study can help us rethink the place of internship in the curriculum and inform the design of internship programmes in higher education.

Ms. Louisa Tsi
Research Assistant II

(852) 3917 8994

I am currently a Research Assistant in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). After completion of secondary education, I was admitted to the Community College of City University to study my Associate Degree in Bilingual Communication Studies (English and Chinese). After two years of studies, I graduated with Distinction and then I was admitted by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to study my Bachelor of Arts Degree. Majoring in Language and Communication from the School of English and minoring in General Linguistics, I achieved my B.A. with first class honours. Upon my graduation from HKU, I chose to pursue further studies in the United Kingdom. I studied MA Applied Linguistics from the Institute of Education in University College London (UCL) and graduated with distinction after one year of studies. Then, I returned back to Hong Kong to start my first career as a Materials Writer and Editor in Synergy Education Provider Co. Ltd. I worked as the Materials Writer and Editor in Synergy for more than two years before joining CETL.

Life goals: Explore in different fields and learn different types of knowledge to enrich my horizon

My proudest achievement so far: Graduated from UCL with Distinction for my Master Degree (MA Applied Linguistics)

Indulgences: Travelling, listening to pop Music, watching movies, ice-skating / roller skating, piano

Inspirational quote: Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

My favourite food: Sushi, Bubble Tea

Ms. Wenjie Hu
PhD Student

(852) 3917 6068

I am currently a PhD student in the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CETL) at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Originally from Shanxi, China, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Translation and Interpretation with first class honors, and a Master of Arts in International Organization and International Communication from Zhejiang University, China. Outside of the classroom, I have interned at different education-based institutions and companies, where I developed and maintained an interest in conducting education research. My research interests include but not limit to the educational assessment of generic skills, intercultural education and teaching and learning process in higher education. I believe I am a quick learner, collaborator, and innovator, with persistence and ideal in education. My teacher said that she can always find a sparkle in my eyes. I hope I can keep chasing my dream with passion, and no matter how hard it is, I will never ever give up!

Life goals: Enjoy my life, and contribute my bit to future educational reform

My proudest achievement so far: Having interned in an international organization in Italy

Indulgences: Travelling, watching sports competitions, dancing

Inspirational quote: Living without regrets and moving on

My favourite food: Hotpot, Bibimbap, Spicy rice noodles

Past PhD Students

Dr. Michelle Cheng (PhD, 2019)

Thesis: “Generic Competencies Development through Experiential Learning: Investigating Diversity in First-year Residential Experiences”

Dr. Lillian Luk (PhD, 2019)

Thesis: “Engineering Students’ Experiential Learning Journey: Nurturing Generic Competencies through Internship Experience”